There are many ways that volunteers can immediately help the animals at Furry Friends Refuge.

Check out the following opportunities, and remember that many local companies (including Athene, Meredith, Nationwide, Pella, Principal, US Bank, Voya, and Wellmark) will donate to charities where their employees give back!

Dr. Seuss in cat carrier

Animal care — cats and critters: Make sure cats and small critters have enough food and clean water; clean out cages and litter boxes; sweep and wipe down surfaces in communal rooms; and pet, play with, and brush the animals.

relika-lenny.jpgAnimal care — dogs: Take dogs in the adoption building into the enclosed courtyard for bathroom breaks and playtime; clean out dog runs; and ensure bowls are filled with clean water.

You will have the opportunity at general orientation to sign up for advanced dog training programs that allow you to walk dogs outside of the courtyard; to let dogs out in “playgroups” in the courtyard; and to work with our highest-need dogs on manners, socialization and basic obedience.

This is restricted to volunteers 16 and older.

kiosk 2Development: Our organization is completely dependent on donations; volunteers are encouraged to share potential business sponsorships and grant opportunities with shelter staff.

Events: Help plan, identify funding for, and organize our various fundraisers so that they’re both fun and successful.

We also need volunteers to educate people about Furry Friends’ mission and to safely take our adoptables to off-site events, such as our seasonal kitten kiosk at Valley West Mall, Fourth of July parades, and various speaking engagements.

volunteersFacility upkeep: Keep the facilities looking — and smelling — nice by doing laundry, washing items (dishes, litterboxes, litter scoops, etc.), cleaning the dog courtyards, sweeping, and wiping down surfaces.

Volunteers can also mow the lawn, shovel snow, and pitch in with smaller-scale maintenance projects around the facilities. Please let us know if you have specialized skills in areas such as plumbing, carpentry, electrical, etc., so that we can contact you with more intensive handyman projects.

Foster: Provide temporary care for cats or dogs in your home until they can be adopted. Must be the homeowner or provide landlord contact for approval.

Fill out our application and find more info on our foster page. Additional information about these animals’ needs will be provided when your application is received.