Furry Friends has adopted the no-kill equation — the only proven way of creating a sustainable no-kill community. A part of any no-kill community is transparency. Our statistics are available on this page, and we are constantly working towards transparency communitywide so that the amount of need in our community can adequately be assessed.

Transparency also allows the community to evaluate programs and invest in the most effective and efficient solutions that provide all animals with a loving, responsible home.

In 2013, Furry Friends committed to accepting all animals from West Des Moines, Clive, and Urbandale animal control that have not been reclaimed within the stray hold time to ensure those animals are also protected by the no-kill commitment.

A no-kill community is one that doesn’t kill healthy or treatable pets. There are many different interpretations of what “healthy and treatable” means, but the communities leading the way have found that at least 90 percent of pets entering the shelter fit into one of these two categories. Thus, communities that are considered no-kill save 90 percent or more of the pets that enter the shelters.

Below you can see our intake/outcome statistics for the current year (updated quarterly) and the most recent full year. (More detailed statistics from previous years are available here.)

2017 intakes through September 30

Clive: 11 owner surrenders / 6 returns / 12 strays / 50 transfers in

Urbandale: 55 owner surrenders / 4 returns / 8 strays / 62 transfers in

West Des Moines: 147 owner surrenders / 27 returns / 34 strays / 212 transfers in

All Westpet cities: 213 owner surrenders / 37 returns / 54 strays / 324 transfers in

TOTAL: 389 owner surrenders / 121 returns / 82 strays / 401 transfers in

Returns are animals adopted from Furry Friends at any point

2017 outcomes through September 30

Adoptions: 867

Died in care (including euthanasia): 38

Returned to owner: 237

Transfer out: 18

Return to owner includes animals reunited through our contract with Westpet, beginning March 1