How the process works

Furry Friends Refuge requires that you fill out an adoption application for any animal you are interested in adopting. Potential adopters are welcome to visit our animals during our open hours or by prearranged appointment. All adopters must be at least 18 years of age. All animals adopted from Furry Friends Refuge must be adopted as companion animals.

Adoption Links:

Dog Adoption
Cat Adoption
Rabbit Adoption
Small Animal Adoption

What’s included?

All cats, dogs, and rabbits will already be spayed or neutered at the time of adoption.

Cats are microchipped, receive basic vaccinations, and have been tested for FeLV.

Dogs are microchipped, receive basic vaccines, and have been tested for heartworm.

Rabbits are microchipped and receive a vaccination for rabbit hemorrhagic disease.

Adoption fees for single animals

We accept cash and credit/debit cards only.

♦ Kittens under 4 months: $100

♦ Cats 4 months and older: $75

♦ Cats in the Lonely Hearts Club: $25

♦ Puppies under 4 months: $300

♦ Dogs 4 months and older: $100

♦ Rabbits: $50

♦ Hamsters/gerbils/mice/rats: $8

♦ Guinea pigs: $15

Adoption fees for bonded buddies

Just like us, animals are social and love to have an animal friend. Consider adopting two animals to increase their happiness and cut down on behavior issues that arise from boredom while you are at work or school.

♦ 2 kittens under 4 months: $150

♦ 2 cats 4 months and older: $100

♦ 2 rabbits: $80

♦ 2 hamsters/gerbils/mice/rats: $10

♦ 2 guinea pigs: $25

Please email for any adoption fees not listed.

Furry Friends may request a home visit, landlord approval, references, or other information pertinent to the suitability of the potential adoptive home. Furry Friends Refuge reserves the right to refuse any adoption.

If you are wanting to schedule an appointment to meet one of the animals housed at the shelter you can book your appointment online here today!

Appointments are encouraged but not required for the animals housed at the shelter.  If you are interested in adopting a specific animal through our organization, please check the listed location of the animal.  Animals in foster care require appointments in advance.  If the animal you are interested in is in foster care (most kittens), please fill out an application using one of the links above and the foster will contact you to set up a meeting.  Many of our fosters are happy to facilitate their own meetings with kittens through their Facebook page Furry Friends Foster Families @FFRfosters

If you have questions regarding intake please email