Furry Friends Refuge does not support or allow the declawing of any of our cats, as it is a very painful and unnecessary procedure. Declawing is not just a removal of the nail but a full amputation of the toe at the end joint, as if you were to cut off the tip of your finger at the first knuckle. Declawing is proven to lead to behavioral issues, litter box issues, early arthritis, increased biting, and chronic pain. Additionally, being able to use their claws is important for a cat’s mobility, stress-relief, protection, and safety in the event they escape or become lost. There are many effective and humane alternatives such as frequent nail trims, scratching posts, cat deterrent sprays, and nail caps that prevent injury to skin or damage to furniture. Included in our adoption contract is an agreement not to declaw and we are always happy to provide educational resources or troubleshoot scratching issues for pet parents or potential adopters.

We do sometimes intake cats who have already been declawed, which will be listed as an attribute on the cat’s profile. However, we encourage anyone looking at cats not to use this as the primary criteria for choosing a cat and familiarize themselves with the potential complications and considerations that come with owning a declawed cat.

For more information, please visit any of the great resources below:

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