General Information


Furry Friends Community Spay Clinic is a low-cost clinic offering spay and neuter services to pet owners with a financial hardship that prevents them from altering their animal as well as caretakers of feral, barn, and alley cats.  Our team, including a licensed veterinarian with over 15 years experience cares for your animal with compassion and caring in a surgery suite utilizing all modern equipment and surgical/medication protocols. Appointments are booked only through our online appointment service.

Why should you get your pet spayed or neutered?

· Spayed and neutered pets live longer, healthier lives

· Altered pets have significantly lower risks for breast, uterine, and testicular cancer

· Spraying and marking issues are predominantly behaviors of intact animals. These behaviors can be prevented or commonly resolved by getting your pet spayed or neutered

· Many other behavior problems including aggression, yowling while in heat, roaming, and fighting can be avoided by spaying or neutering your animals

· Each year, millions of pets are euthanized in shelters. Do your part as a responsible pet owner to prevent unwanted litters and reduce the number of pets that enter shelters!

Booking Your Appointment

Book Your Appointment HERE.
Surgeries are scheduled for Monday and Thursday of each week.  Animals should be checked in to the clinic during the time slot identified in your appointment and are discharged the same day.  Our clinic is located at 1209 Grand Ave, West Des Moines, IA 50265.

Cancelling your appointment: Cancellations of appointments must be made on the booking site at least 48 hours before surgery day to allow another client to book the canceled time.  Cancellations may not be done via phone message or email.  If you fail to show/cancel in the required timeframe you may be prevented from scheduling future appointments

Please Note: You may not see appointments available. The site is NOT broken. There is very high demand for low cost spay and neuter services and frequently all appointments are taken.  Please check back frequently for cancellations or future appointment openings

Clinic Policies
* Pets must be at least 2 lbs and should be 4 months of age.
* We have implemented a limit of 3 cat appts per client per surgery day and 2 dog appts per client per surgery day
* Booking and Cancellations done online only

Prices / Services as of August 15, 2022

Neuter (Male) - $50
Spay (Female) - $60

              Up to 20lbs.  21-40lbs  41-75lbs.    75lbs +
Neuter (Male) - $65          $75         $85       $85 + $1/lb over
Spay (Female) - $85          $95         $105       $105 + $1/lb over 

Microchip: $5 with  surgery (Microchip without surgery $15)
Heartworm Test: $15
FeLV Test: $15
FeLV/FIV Test: $20
Nail Trim: $5

Please Note: cryptorchid males—must schedule as a spay.  Additional fees may apply beyond spay pricing. 


* If your pet has been to a vet previously, please review your records to let us know if he or she will need a distemper booster, rabies booster, flea preventative, and/or microchip

* Remove food by 10pm the evening before surgery.  You do not need to restrict water prior to your pet’s surgery

* Check in time for surgery at your designated time at the clinic. 

* The clinic’s address is 1209 Grand Ave. in West Des Moines

* If you must cancel your appointment, it must be completed online through the link provided in your appointment booking email and must occur 48 hours BEFORE your scheduled surgery day.

* Your animal must be healthy and at least 2 lbs for surgery.  Older animals are highly recommended to visit a vet to have bloodwork checked prior to any procedure requiring anesthesia.

Post Surgery Information

You will receive a scheduled pick up time at the clinic when you drop your pet off the morning of surgery. 

The evening after your pet’s surgery, provide him or her with a quiet place to rest.  Food may be withheld for the rest of the day or you may offer 1/2 a meal as anesthesia can cause nausea or vomiting after surgery.  Water intake should be monitored if your pet is still groggy.  Normal food and water intake may resume the next morning.

Continue monitoring the surgery site in the following week as well as restrict strenuous activity (high jumping, rough play, etc.) for 7-10 days.  Your pet should also not be bathed for at least 4 days from the surgery.  Some minor swelling at the surgery site may occur but swelling should not be excessive.  If you have concerns about your pet’s recovery from surgery, please email the clinic to speak with our medical staff at Email response times are much faster than phone.

Behavior that is not normal would include: *Vomiting after 24 hours * Diarrhea* Refusal to eat/drink for 48 hours * Bleeding or Sever Pain * Continuous licking or pulling at sutures